Personalized Food Recommendations

Zestar provides you with personalized food recommendations designed to satisfy your hunger longer and maintain your energy level while losing weight. Enjoy a diet based on real, nutritious foods. Not prepackaged meals or expensive supplements.

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Eating Out? No Problem!

Zestar Diet Pilot keeps you on track when you’re eating out so you don’t have to stress every time you look at the menu. Zestar provides recommendations straight from the restaurant’s menu. You can also download Zestar® Menu Pilot™, the free iOS app that also helps you make healthier menu choices.

Zestar Menu Pilot

Always With You for Weight Loss Success

Zestar is a web-based mobile weight loss program that’s always with you – whether you’re on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. You can access your food recommendations and track your progress wherever you are. Everything you need to achieve your weight loss goal is always available.

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Real-Time Coaching
Keeps You On Track

It’s like having a nutrition expert at your side. Zestar’s dynamic algorithm constantly adjusts the recommendations it gives you in real-time based on what you actually eat to keep you on track to achieve your weight loss goal.

Real-Time Coaching