Zestar® 24/7 Weight Loss Coach™ Now Available to Download

Sustainable weight loss success is here! Zestar 24/7 Weight Loss Coach is now available for download through iTunes on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The patent pending Zestar system uses a breakthrough proprietary algorithm to provide real-time meal recommendations customized for your own unique lifestyle, food preferences and activity level. Unlike other diets that often leave you hungry and sapped of energy, Zestar incorporates the science of sustainable weight loss into an easy-to-use program that’s based on eating nutritious foods that satisfy your hunger longer and maintain your energy level while losing weight. No need to stress about calorie counting.

If you decide to indulge your sweet tooth, don’t feel like you’ve just derailed your diet. Zestar will automatically adjust its future meal recommendations to get you back on track. Zestar offers a comprehensive menu of features to help make sustainable weight loss possible, including alternative food choices to Zestar’s recommendations and the ability to request recommendations from a specific restaurant’s menu.

It’s Easy to Get Started with Zestar
Download Zestar on your mobile device free of charge through the App Store:

  • Set up a username, password and profile that includes your weight loss and activity goals.
  • Take a look at the shopping list (in Food) and stock up on some of the nutritious foods listed.
  • Eat the meals and snacks as recommended on the Home screen.
  • After you eat a recommended meal, tap on “I ate this meal.”
  • If you don’t want what’s recommended, request a new recommendation or a substitute.
  • When you eat something else, enter what you actually ate so Zestar can adjust your future meals to get you back on track.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for help on getting started with Zestar.

New users can use Zestar for free for 14 days. If you would like to continue your weight loss journey with Zestar, you may become a Zestar member for $12.99 monthly, $29.99 for 3 months or $49.99 for 6 months.

Don’t have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Zestar is currently in development for Android and other mobile operating systems.

Congratulations on taking your first step towards sustainable weight loss success!


Zestar co-founder and dedicated Zestar app user Joy Solomon was inspired by her weight loss struggles with diet after diet that did not bring results. Guided by her scientific education and extensive medical and health information background (including CEO of IVI Publishing, the creator of the highly acclaimed Mayo Clinic health information website), Joy delved into the science of weight loss to bring Zestar to life. Join her on her weight loss journey as she blogs about tips and insights that can help you be successful on your weight loss journey too. Read Joy's full bio.

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