Join Me on My Zestar Weight Loss Journey

Three years ago I had reached my limit with dieting after many years of trying to losing weight by following the standard advice of eat less and exercise more. I would lose 10 or 15 pounds, but then I would feel worn out and hungry most of the time. Eventually, I found myself “cheating” on my diet until I just gave up and gave in. Of course, it did not take long for the pounds to sneak back up again. I became frustrated with myself that I just didn’t have the willpower to stick with my diet.

One day it dawned on me that there must be a better way to go about losing weight. Using my background in science, I pored over scientific articles that had been published on nutrition and weight loss. Through my research, I began to see that the old advice of “everything in moderation” and “calories in, calories out” would not work. It became clear that the nutritional content of the foods we eat impacts how hungry we feel and how much energy we have.

When I focused on eating foods with the right nutritional balance, not just based on how many calories I was eating, I found that I felt satisfied and the pounds came off – and stayed off! I felt great! I wasn’t deprived, hungry or worn out. The one downside to my plan was the amount of time it took me to look up the nutritional content of everything I was eating and calculating the right mix for my body. This was especially challenging when I went to a restaurant. That’s when the idea for Zestar dawned on me…use computer and mobile technology to do all the calculations and scientific thinking for me and make it easy to eat the right way to lose weight and keep it off!

I use Zestar daily to help me stay on track with my weight loss goals wherever I am, whatever I eat. Join me on my weight loss journey with Zestar as I’ll be sharing helpful tips and recipe ideas that have helped me on my path to sustainable weight loss and, hopefully, will help and inspire you to keep at it. I welcome your thoughts and experiences! Feel free to share them in the comments section below.


Zestar co-founder and dedicated Zestar app user Joy Solomon was inspired by her weight loss struggles with diet after diet that did not bring results. Guided by her scientific education and extensive medical and health information background (including CEO of IVI Publishing, the creator of the highly acclaimed Mayo Clinic health information website), Joy delved into the science of weight loss to bring Zestar to life. Join her on her weight loss journey as she blogs about tips and insights that can help you be successful on your weight loss journey too. Read Joy's full bio.

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