One Man’s Success Story with Zestar

As Joy’s husband and co-founder of Zestar, I thought I’d share with you my experience using Zestar to deal with the all-too-familiar weight gain that happens to a lot of us after the holidays – including myself.

First, my disclaimer: I’m not overweight and don’t generally have a weight problem. I try to eat healthy, exercise daily and target a 5-lb. weight range where I feel best. But after the holidays, I found myself 2 lbs. over the upper limit of my weight range. My usual strategy when this happens is to continue eating the same food but cutting the portions in half. And you know what, that works! I typically lose about 2 lbs. per week but am always hungry and my energy level decreases. I simply gut it out, which I can handle for 3-4 weeks but for the long term…likely not. Sound familiar?

This time I decided to use Zestar to help me reach my target weight range. The first morning was a revelation. Instead of my usual breakfast of 2 slices of toast, 6 oz. of regular fruit flavored yogurt and 12 oz. of orange juice, I followed Zestar’s recommendation of a 5 egg white omelet with cheese, 6 oz. of Greek yogurt and a cup of blueberries. I felt full and satisfied, and continued to feel that way throughout the day. I thought to myself, this is not going to work. I can’t possibly lose weight because I’m not hungry!

But, long story short, when I weighed myself after just one week of following Zestar’s recommendations, I lost 2 lbs! Without having to gut it out! As talked about in an earlier blog post, not all calories are created equal – so don’t just count calories, make your calories count. Zestar’s recommended breakfast not only had less calories than my usual breakfast, but it was more filling and nutritious.

Whether you’re trying to shave off those extra pounds from the holidays, achieve and sustain your goal weight over a long period of time or simply eat healthier, Zestar will work for you. It’s working for me.


As co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Nomolos, Inc., Frank Solomon’s comprehensive background in business, finance and marketing has steered Zestar Diet Pilot. Prior to founding Nomolos, he was the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Osprey Medical Inc. and previously the President and CEO of Islet Technology, Inc. Before joining ITI, Frank ran the Solomon Group, a medical device industry consulting firm. Between 1990 and 2001, Frank was President, CEO and co-founder of two medical device start-up companies. Read Frank's full bio.



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