What is a Healthy Diet?

It took many frustrating years of unsuccessful weight loss attempts for me to realize (and accept) that I had to change my diet in order to achieve my weight loss goals. I had always believed that I was basically following a “healthy” diet and that the only number that mattered was how many calories I was eating. So naturally I assumed that if I just cut back on my portions, I could eat the same way I always had and still lose weight. While that worked in the short run, I always ended up gaining back the weight I lost plus a few more pounds. It turns out that my “healthy” diet wasn’t really that healthy after all!

I shouldn’t have been surprised by the increasing number on the scale, given the fact that I’d gained all the weight back by eating my “healthy” diet for all those years. Now I’ve learned that a truly healthy diet is one that provides my body with the nutrients it needs to maintain my ideal weight and energy level. The nutritional balance of the foods I eat is what really matters and makes a huge difference in how I feel.

March is National Nutrition Month, which is the perfect time to make-over your diet and turn it into a truly healthy one. This month I will dedicate my blog posts to nutrition and eating healthy. I’ll uncover the myths and facts about what makes up a truly healthy diet to help steer you down the right path to losing weight. You may be surprised (like I was) that your “healthy” diet is not as healthy as you thought. Check back next week!

Have a happy, healthy March!


Zestar co-founder and dedicated Zestar app user Joy Solomon was inspired by her weight loss struggles with diet after diet that did not bring results. Guided by her scientific education and extensive medical and health information background (including CEO of IVI Publishing, the creator of the highly acclaimed Mayo Clinic health information website), Joy delved into the science of weight loss to bring Zestar to life. Join her on her weight loss journey as she blogs about tips and insights that can help you be successful on your weight loss journey too. Read Joy's full bio.

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