6 Benefits of a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Benefits of Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

There are many benefits to a healthy diet and lifestyle!

I recently sat in on a diabetes prevention class designed to educate individuals at risk for diabetes about healthy diet and lifestyle changes they can make to prevent or delay the disease. Managing weight was an obvious goal for many. However, one man appeared to be in excellent physical condition – even better than men half his age! Seeing him reminded me that, weight management aside, the benefits of a healthy diet and physical activity are as numerous and diverse as the detriments of unhealthy habits. Here are six lesser-talked-about benefits of a healthy diet that make eating healthy and being active well-worth the effort:

1. Steady energy levels. Two rules apply: 1. What goes up must come down and 2. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, the quick energy high you get from sugars is quickly met with a rapid plummet. Healthier foods contribute to a more gradual rise and fall in energy levels so that when your energy levels naturally get low, it’s time to refuel.

2. Keeps your moods and body functions regular. I don’t just mean bathroom habits (though improved digestion and regularity are certainly a big benefit of a healthy diet and exercise). With a healthy diet, you also get better quality sleep on a regular basis; your mood is less volatile and you’re at a lower risk for depression, anxiety and other mood-related disorders; and you’re stronger immune system helps avoid sick days so you’re attendance at work is regular.

3. You feel good. Diet and exercise can help maintain muscle keeping you strong, capable and independent. You get sick less often, avoid injury, experience less pain and heal faster. You also have better sexual health. Women are less prone to menstrual irregularities including severe PMS, and have healthier pregnancies. Men can experience improved sperm quality, maintain prostate health and delay the need for the blue pill.

4. You stay sharp. A major long-term benefit of a healthy diet and exercise is you’re more on-the-ball day-to-day and less at risk for diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. You also lower your risk for vision impairments, neuropathies and oral problems, all of which contribute to keeping your senses intact.

5. Outrun your genes. A healthy lifestyle can help you dodge many diseases, even those that you may be genetically at risk for such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, cancers, lung disease, psychiatric disorders, glaucoma, etc., etc., etc.

6. You get compliments! People may take note of your weight loss, muscle tone, healthier complexion or overall brighter aura. Your strength, energy level or reliability may leave people asking just how you do it. Your lower blood pressure, triglycerides or other improvements may warrant a pat on the back from your physician. And for many, seeing their kids follow their lead by making healthier food choices and being active is the greatest compliment of all!

I hope some of these six benefits of a healthy diet inspire you to make healthier lifestyle choices. Remember that it’s a step-wise process and it will take time. I recommend Zestar Diet Pilot to help you get and stay on track with your healthy diet.

Has your healthy lifestyle provided you with any of these benefits or others I didn’t mention? Share your story in the comments below!


Jeannemarie Beiseigel, PhD, RD, is a registered dietitian with a doctorate in human nutrition, foods, and exercise. She’s worked with academia, government and industry and has several published research studies. She recently started her own practice as independent nutrition consultant for businesses and individuals. You can e-mail Jeannemarie at jbeiseigel@gmail.com. Read Jeannemarie's full bio.

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