The Gift of Health

Give the Gift of Health!

The question is going to come soon – what to get for the holidays?? Whether you’re buying for someone else or writing your own wish-list, consider the gift of health! Literally, there are hundreds of options, in all price ranges, that can go towards making the New Year happier and healthier! Consider some of these, for example:

  • Workout gear to use now: Reflective wear, snow shoes, trekking poles, or sweat-wicking apparel for keeping safe, warm, and active throughout winter.
  • A place to work out: A gym membership, a local park pass, or a community fitness class registration offer someone a place to work out. If they’re more of a home-body, purchase resistance bands, free weights, a balance ball, yoga matt, or fitness DVDs.
  • Cooking tools: These might not sound that desirable to some, but others may delight in using a new slow cooker or blender to make easy and healthy meals. A colorful insulated lunch bag and storage containers can motivate someone to bring healthy meals from home to the office. And a new simple and healthy cookbook can be a treat to complete the set.
  • A fitness tracker: From a simple pedometer to heart rate monitors to all-inclusive devices that track all daily activities, there is a wide range of tools available to help motivate people to stay active. Or keep it really simple with a wall calendar or journaling book for writing down activities before or after they’re done.
  • The gift of you: If cost is a constraint, or you want to toss in something extra, consider committing your time as a workout buddy so you can keep each other on track. Or make a new workout playlist or CD for your special friend to listen to when they’re sweating it out.
  • The gift of know-how: Maybe a little instruction is needed to set someone on the right path to health. Register them for a healthy cooking class, a nutrition class taught by a Registered Dietitian, or a few sessions with a certified personal trainer. Or give a subscription to Zestar Diet Pilot to guide them towards healthy diet choices for weight loss success.

Giving a gift that inspires healthy living can be unique and fun. So rather than another wallet, tie or picture frame, wrap up something creative that shows you care. Here’s to a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

Jeannemarie Beiseigel, PhD, RD, is a registered dietitian with a doctorate in human nutrition, foods, and exercise. She’s worked with academia, government and industry and has several published research studies. She recently started her own practice as independent nutrition consultant for businesses and individuals. You can e-mail Jeannemarie at Read Jeannemarie's full bio.

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