About Zestar Diet Pilot

Sustainable Weight Loss Customized Just For You!

Experience the joy of sustainable weight loss success with Zestar®, your 24/7 weight loss coach. The patent pending Zestar system uses a breakthrough proprietary algorithm to provide meal recommendations based on your unique make-up and activity level. Whether you’re at home, at work or eating out, Zestar is with you 24/7 to help you make the smartest food choices. No more hunger pains. No more stressing about calorie counting.

What You Eat Counts More Than Calories

Zestar brings you the science of sustainable weight loss. Unlike other weight loss programs that focus on the old, ineffective strategy of “calories in, calories out” Zestar focuses on what you eat to satisfy your hunger and maintain your energy level while losing weight. According to the latest scientific research, to achieve sustainable weight loss, what you eat is as important as how many calories you eat.

It’s Not About Willpower

Dieting is hard for your body to ignore. You’re naturally hungry, your metabolism drops to conserve energy—making it hard to stay on track. Zestar’s recommendations are scientifically designed to minimize these reactions. Learn to work with your natural hunger response, not fight it as many diets do. Put the fun into losing weight by keeping on course – even after indulging. Zestar adjusts your next meals in real-time to coach you back on track. The answer to achieving and sustaining your weight loss goal is just a tap away.