The Zestar system coaches you through the journey to successful and sustainable weight loss without the stress of counting calories. Whether you’re at home or eating out, Zestar is always with you to recommend the smartest food choices for every meal and snack.

Zestar’s breakthrough algorithm demystifies weight loss by recommending meals and snacks based on your body’s unique make-up and activity level. The latest scientific research stresses the importance of eating nutritious foods that satisfy your hunger longer and maintain your energy level while you lose weight. Because what you eat is as important as the calories you’re eating.

Zestar provides everything you need to achieve your goals including:

  • Real-time coaching to keep you on track wherever you are, whatever you eat.
  • A list of foods you can substitute if you don’t like Zestar’s recommendation.
  • A comprehensive and growing list of restaurant menu items so you can keep on track even while out and about.
  • A shopping list of specific foods to buy that will help you follow Zestar’s recommended meals.
  • A serving size estimator so you can visualize what 4 oz. of meat or 1 cup of fruit looks like compared with everyday objects.
  • Charts and graphs to track your weight loss progress and activity goals so you can see at a glance how you’re doing.
  • A chance to earn a star for every meal recommendation you follow. Get lots of stars and you should be losing 1-2 pounds per week – week after week!

With Zestar, you will learn how to incorporate healthy eating into your daily routine at your own pace. You can follow all recommendations right away or choose a more gradual approach with one meal. Add in more meals as you get comfortable adjusting your diet. As you use Zestar, it learns your likes and dislikes and adjusts its recommendations based on foods you really like to eat.