Joy Solomon

Joy SolomonInspired by weight loss struggles with diet after diet, Joy Solomon sought to understand why. Guided by her scientific education and extensive medical and health information background, Joy delved into the science of weight loss to bring Zestar® Diet Pilot™ to life. As co-founder of Nomolos, Inc., the company behind Zestar, Joy’s research findings about the body’s physiological processes and nutritional needs shaped Zestar’s proprietary algorithm. This algorithm sets Zestar apart from other weight loss apps by providing real-time, easy-to-follow eating recommendations based on each person’s unique physiology.

Her previous experience includes President and CEO of IVI Publishing, Inc. a pioneer in bringing health information to the Web and later acquired by Web MD. IVI created the highly acclaimed Mayo Clinic website that provided health information to consumers. Prior to IVI, Joy was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a division of Jostens, Inc. Joy earned a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Toledo and an M.B.A. from the University of Minnesota. Join Joy on her weight loss journey as she blogs about tips and insights that can help you be successful on your weight loss journey.

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Frank Solomon

Frank SolomonAs co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Nomolos, Inc., Frank Solomon’s comprehensive background in business, finance and marketing has steered Zestar Diet Pilot. Prior to founding Nomolos, he was the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Osprey Medical Inc. and previously the President and CEO of Islet Technology, Inc. Before joining ITI, Frank ran the Solomon Group, a medical device industry consulting firm. Between 1990 and 2001, Frank was President, CEO and co-founder of two medical device start-up companies: Integ Incorporated (now part of Johnson & Johnson) and Sterling Medivations, Inc. (acquired by SpectRx, Inc. in 2001). He holds a B.A. from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley. Read Frank’s Zestar success story and other blog posts featuring weight loss tips from the male perspective.

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Jeannemarie Beiseigel

Jeannemarie BeiseigelJeannemarie Beiseigel, Ph.D., RD, serves as Director of Nutrition for Nomolos, Inc. to promote healthy eating and help users like you achieve sustainable weight loss. Her extensive background in nutrition and fitness help ensure Zestar Diet Pilot’s meal recommendations are nutritionally sound. With a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise from Virginia Tech, her research has been published in numerous professional journals including the Journal of the American Dietetics Association and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Jeannemarie is also a Nutrition Consultant for businesses and individuals and is pursuing certification as a personal trainer. Join Jeannemarie as she shares her expert dieting advice and brings her love of outdoor activities such as kayaking, biking and walking to the Zestar blog.

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Sharon Lehrman

Sharon LehrmanSharon Lehrman is a registered dietitian with a Masters degree in Public Health Nutrition. She has over 30 years of experience and has specialized in weight management since 1994. Sharon loves to see the success people experience when they make small changes over time. She is an avid gardener and cook and loves to adapt recipes using lots of fresh vegetables and herbs to prove that nutritious food doesn’t have to be bland and boring! Sharon is passionate about her work and strives to be a role model for others. As an advisor to Zestar, Sharon will be sharing her expertise in weight loss and long term weight management. You can also view her website and sign up for her monthly nutrition and recipe e-newsletter at

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Teresa Kain

Teresa KainTeresa Kain, owner of TKFitness, brings her unique personal experience as a Registered Nurse, personal trainer and fitness consultant to the Zestar Team. Teresa began her career as a Mayo Clinic trained Registered Nurse for thirty years, originally specializing in Blood Bank, IV Therapy, Emergency Room and Critical Care nursing. For the last fifteen years Teresa has been A.C.E. and A.C.S.M. certified as a personal trainer and fitness consultant building TKFitness into a thriving private fitness coaching service to a clientele of elite business people throughout the Twin Cities area.

Teresa brings all of her nursing skills and experience to her unique personal fitness and sustainable weight loss practice. She specializes in one-on-one training, coaching and mentoring adults with and without medical conditions. Teresa’s passion is guiding others to change their lives through fitness and nutrition, teaching them how to make healthy life choices and live up to their full potential. Her business TKfitness has guided hundreds on their personal journey’s to a more active life with sustainable weight loss along with watching their medical health improve with age.

Teresa is well known in the Minneapolis fitness community and shares her enjoyment of yoga, walking, biking, working out in gyms all over twin cities. Teresa has a personal history of gestational diabetes and significant weight loss. She has firsthand experience of how to override your genetic tendencies towards obesity and diabetes by re-learning how to move and making intelligent choices on what to eat. Her personal mission is to share this wisdom with those interested in achieving and maintaining their optimal health.

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Gary Foster

Gary FosterGary Foster, Ph. D. is Director of the Center for Obesity, Research and Education at Temple University. For over 20 years, Dr. Foster has been helping overweight individuals lose weight in both individual and group settings. He has authored or co-authored more than 145 scientific publications and 3 books on the cause and treatment of obesity.

Dr. Foster is a frequent presenter at national and international scientific meetings and has received numerous awards and honors, including ”Outstanding Contributions to Health Psychology” from the American Psychological Association and an honorary membership from the American Dietetics Association. He served as President of the Obesity Society in 2008. The American Heart Association cited his research on the school-based prevention of obesity as one of the “top 10 advances in cardiovascular research” in 2008.