Real-Time Recommendations Keep You On Track

Perhaps you’ve had a day like Susan’s. Running late for work, Susan grabs the quickest on-the-go breakfast she can find – a chocolate muffin – heavy on carbs, sugar and calories. Feeling guilty about those calories, but intensely hungry because of her body’s reaction to the muffin’s lack of nutrition, she decides to skimp on lunch by eating a small salad. Three o’clock rolls around and Susan’s hunger reflex is raging because of the lack of nutrition in her lunch salad. She gives in and goes to the vending machine for a package of cookies to tide her over until dinner, which adds to her body’s hunger response. By dinnertime, Susan can’t help but overeat. She goes to bed feeling frustrated, sapped of energy and defeated all because of her body’s natural reaction to that early morning muffin. Does this sound familiar?

Just because you’ve indulged your sweet tooth doesn’t mean you’ve blown your weight loss progress. Zestar coaches you back on track by adjusting the rest of the day’s food recommendations in real-time to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs to keep the hunger pains at bay and maintain your energy level. No matter where you are or what you eat, Zestar is always by your side.