Diet, Nutrition and Snacking FAQs

What can I have to drink, especially if I don’t like drinking water plain?

While Zestar doesn’t typically provide beverage recommendations with most meals, it’s important to stay well hydrated by drinking no-calorie beverages throughout the day, like water. If you don’t like drinking water, try drinking it when it’s ice cold rather than room temp. Or enhance the flavor by adding a squeeze or slice of lemon, orange, berries or even cucumber. In addition to water, which you can have anytime, you can also opt for beverages such as:

  • Regular or decaf coffee – hot, iced, black or with a small amount of milk
  • Regular, decaf or herbal tea – hot, iced, unsweetened with added lemon or a small amount of milk
  • Club soda, seltzer water or naturally flavored, calorie-free bottled waters
  • Calorie-free or low-calorie powdered drink mixes and soft drinks

I usually drink a tall glass of orange juice each morning to get my Vitamin C. Can I continue to so?

If you can break yourself of this habit of drinking juice (even 100% fruit juice), it would greatly benefit your diet and weight loss goals. For one, calories from most beverages don’t keep you feeling full or satisfied for very long. Instead, they can actually make you hungrier in a short period of time because the sugars in the beverages will quickly enter and exit the blood stream.

If you’re worried about getting enough vitamins, don’t be. Zestar is based on a diet high in vegetables and fruits, many of which give you much more Vitamin C and other nutrients along with fewer calories, than you can get from any glass of juice. And if your morning just isn’t complete without the taste of orange, grab the fruit instead. It’s lower in calories, higher in nutrients, takes longer to eat and satisfies hunger much more than a glass of orange juice will.

I’ve already scheduled an afternoon snack. Why am I still asked if I’m hungry for a snack between breakfast and lunch?

Scheduled snacks are incorporated into your daily calorie and nutrition allotment. But sometimes we want a snack between meals even when one isn’t scheduled. When this happens, tap “Hungry for a Snack?” Zestar will give you a number of snack recommendations that are lower in calories than regular snacks. By choosing one of the recommended snacks, you’ll satisfy your urge for a snack without throwing off your regular meal routine.

What if I eat something after dinner but I don’t have a snack scheduled?

If you like to have an after-dinner snack regularly, then make sure to schedule it as a recurring snack. This will allow Zestar to more accurately plan your day’s meals and distribute your calories so the nightly snack is included in your daily allotment. If this isn’t a regular occurrence, tap “Hungry for a Snack” and get a snack recommendation that is fairly low in calories. By choosing one of the recommended snacks, you’ll minimize any extra calories consumed.