Dining Out FAQs

What if I’m eating out?

If you are eating out, Zestar will provide meal recommendations from your selected restaurant. Tap “I’m Eating Out” and select the restaurant you are going to. Zestar will provide a list of meal choices straight from the menu. The starred meals are perfect options for you.

Because healthy choices on restaurant menus are sometimes limited, Zestar may not be able to find a perfect fit for you. That’s why Zestar will offer other good second options listed without a star. If you choose to eat a second choice or anything else on the menu, Zestar will analyze what you ate and adjust your future meals.

What if the restaurant I’m going to isn’t listed?

Zestar has menus from hundreds of restaurants in its database. But, if yours isn’t listed, you can choose the “typical” menu from the type of restaurant you plan to eat at. Zestar will recommend foods that are typically found on menus at that type of restaurant.

Is dessert ever included in restaurant meal recommendations?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner recommendations are typically composed of only non-dessert food items, and occasionally a beverage with protein such as milk. This helps ensure you are getting the maximum nutrition from your meals. If you want to add a dessert or flavored coffee beverage, tap “Full Menu” and choose the items you would like to add. Tap “Evaluate” to get hints to help you build a Zestar-friendly meal.

The soup and salad automatically includes a breadstick. Is this part of the meal recommendation?

No, breadsticks and other sides such as chips, fries, coleslaw, etc., that often come automatically with a meal are only part of the recommended meal if it’s specifically included in Zestar’s recommendation. It’s best to order without these sides to avoid temptation. If you do eat them, remember to let Zestar know!

I ordered the “Endless Soup and Salad.” How many servings of each can I have?

Zestar will recommend only a single serving of each. If you have more than one serving, make sure to let Zestar know by changing the number of servings eaten.

Zestar’s recommendation includes “double side veggies.” What does that mean?

Restaurant meals often come with two side items, many of which are high in calories. To keep calories low and still enjoy a great tasting main entrée like steak, Zestar will recommend a “double side of veggies.” If this is the recommendation, choose lower calorie veggies such as broccoli, green beans, summer squash, asparagus or a seasonal vegetable. Avoid starchy foods like corn, potatoes, beans, fried veggies or veggies with cheese or cream sauce. You can also choose to order a side garden salad (hold the cheese or croutons) instead of a veggie. Just make sure to limit the dressing to 1 tablespoon.