Navigation FAQs

What’s on the Home screen?

On the Home screen, you’ll find today’s meal and snack recommendations. The “star” means it’s recommended. The “i” button will flip the screen and show you the details of your meal and allow you to save it to your list of favorite meals. Swipe the screen left and right to view all of today’s meals. The buttons below the meals allow you to change your meals, get restaurant meal recommendations and let Zestar know when you’ve eaten or skipped a meal. You can view yesterday’s meals and plan tomorrow’s meals by tapping the buttons at the top of the screen.

What if I want to plan my own meal?

Tap “Change this Meal” on the Home screen and tap “Edit.” Your nutritional goals (calories, protein, and energy density) for this meal will appear. You can add different foods and delete or change the serving size of the food items for this meal. Tap “Evaluate” and Zestar will analyze the nutrition of your choice and provide you with tips on how to change your choices to keep you on track. When you’re finished, tap “Done.” Zestar will load the meal onto the Home screen. If the meal has the right nutritional makeup for you, you’ll get a star!

What is my Density Goal?

Your density goal will appear at the top of the meal edit screen. Zestar sets an energy density goal for each meal because eating a meal with a low energy density will help you feel full and satisfied while eating fewer calories. See Zestar 101 for more details on the philosophy behind Zestar’s recommendations and read our blog on low energy density.

Why do some meals have an N/A for density?

Many restaurants do not provide the information needed to figure out the energy density of the foods they serve. “N/A” means the energy density is not available. Rest assured, however, that Zestar’s registered dietitians have reviewed all of the restaurant menus and created “Best Choice” meal recommendations that combine selected menu items to provide you with the best nutritional balance for your meal.

How do I let Zestar know when I have eaten a meal or snack?

Tap “I Ate this Meal” on the Home screen. Zestar will analyze the nutrition of what you ate and update your home screen with a check mark for that meal. A star with a check mark means you ate a recommended meal!

What if I skip a meal?

Skipping meals is not recommended because you will tend to overeat later in the day. If you do skip a meal, tap the red “X” on the Home screen. Zestar will recommend a snack and adjust your future meals to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need for the day.

What’s the “Hungry for a Snack” button?

If you get hungry mid-morning or after dinner and you don’t have a regularly scheduled snack at that time, tap “Hungry for a Snack.” Zestar will recommend a snack that will take care of your hunger, but still keep you on course with your diet. If you find that you often get hungry at these times, you may want to schedule a snack under “Food.”

I had a snack between meals without first checking my recommendations. Where do I enter this?

Tap “Hungry for a Snack?” on the Home screen. Tap “Change this Meal” and “Edit” to delete the recommended snack. Then enter what you ate, tap “Done” and “I Ate this meal” on the Home screen.   Zestar will calculate the snack’s nutrition information along with previous meals and adjust future meals and snacks as necessary. Make sure to enter your snack right away so Zestar can adjust the rest of your day’s meals and snacks to keep you on track.

How do I save my favorite meals?

On the Home screen, tap the “i” for the meal you wish to save. Tap the box next to “Add this to My Meals”. You can rename, view, delete and schedule your meal under “Food.”

How do I schedule a recurring meal?

Tap “Food” then “My Meals.” Choose the meal you would like to schedule. Tap “Schedule Recurring Meal” then tap the boxes in the grid to schedule for specific meals and days of the week. Zestar will automatically schedule this meal on the days you selected.

How do I turn off a scheduled meal?

Tap “Food” then “My Meals.” Choose the meal you would like to remove then tap “Schedule Recurring Meal.” Tap the boxes in the grid to remove the scheduled check marks. Zestar will cancel the meal scheduled for that day.

What about exercise?

Tap “Activity” to see how well you are achieving your goal. Tap “Enter Activity” to record your exercise. Zestar considers your energy burn when it makes your meal recommendations.