Navigate Restaurant Nutrition with Zestar® Menu Pilot™

Eating Out?

Consult Zestar® Menu Pilot™ and eat healthy while eating out. This free app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch takes the guess work out of what to eat by navigating a restaurant’s menu and recommending the healthiest meal choices. Zestar’s registered dietitians have reviewed the menus from hundreds of restaurants to provide you with the info you need to order a complete, nutritious meal.

How it Works

Simply search by a specific restaurant name and Zestar will suggest your best choices based on your custom calorie goal for the meal. Sometimes a small change such as “hold the mayo” can make a big difference in the amount of calories you’ll consume. Zestar Menu Pilot will offer these recommendations while displaying the overall calorie and protein content of your meal.

Is the local restaurant you’re dining at not listed? No problem. Choose a “typical” restaurant type to get the best choices and nutrition estimates for foods that are typically found on menus of Asian, Italian, American restaurants and many more. Even menus from typical movie theaters and sports stadiums are included.


Zestar Menu Pilot provides everything you need to dine out worry-free!

  • Restaurant database consists of thousands of menu items from hundreds of restaurants
  • Recommends the healthiest meal choices from each restaurant
  • Calculates the calories and protein in all menu offerings
  • Suggests simple ways to make meals healthier (substituting sides, excluding certain condiments, etc.)
  • Includes recommendations and nutrition estimates for “typical” restaurant menus
  • Saves your choices for future reference

So the next time you decide to go out for lunch or are meeting friends for dinner at a restaurant, with just a couple taps you’ll be able to find what your best choices are straight from the restaurant’s menu. Download today!

What else makes this app great? Zestar Menu Pilot is a perfect companion to the comprehensive Zestar® Diet Pilot™ weight loss program. If you’re ready to become a healthier you download Zestar Diet Pilot now for a free 7-day trial to receive customized, nutritious meal recommendations that will let you lose 1-2 pounds per week without feeling hungry like you do on other weight loss programs.

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